Mudd & Co brand and brochure

Mudd & Co brand and brochure

Mudd & Co brand and brochure

We were tasked with telling the story of Mudd & Co, who handcraft bespoke kitchens and furniture at their factory in Staffordshire.

We crafted a brand and identity to showcase their products across a range of print and digital platforms.

Mudd & Co’s kitchens and furniture are traditional in style, heavily influenced by the antique heritage of their hometown. Valuing authenticity, their work combines classical proportions, natural resources and design simplicity. To mirror this, we chose a classic monochrome palette for the brand; we also designed the logotype to be refined but simple, with the intention that it wouldn’t date – the brand needed to be timeless, like the furniture itself.

An ornate header typeface conveys the artisan craftsmanship behind every Mudd & Co creation, and simple, sophisticated, uncrowded page layouts let this take center stage.  Inviting lifestyle images and evocative language focusing on what the kitchen – the heart of the home, the hub, the place where family gather – means to people allow the customer to imagine themselves in a Mudd & Co kitchen.



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