Dappled Interiors brand

Dappled Interiors brand

Dappled Interiors brand

Dappled Interiors, an award-winning interior styling business, wanted a brand that reflected their unique flair and worked for both their residential and corporate customers.

All about creating interiors as unique as their clients, a personal service and understanding of their customers is at the heart of the business, and the Dappled team were keen for the brand to show this. Colours, typefaces and other styling elements were carefully selected to project the warmth and personality behind the name. The website – whilst of course showcasing their projects and services – was very much designed to feel like an interior design blog or magazine, offering lots of engaging content and visual inspiration for people to dip into and regularly come back to, in the form of a monthly finds section, features blog, plus a big focus on social media.

HEADERS: Playfair Display (bold)

It’s all about attracting, engaging
and making people smile!



Beautiful interiors make us very cheery here at Dappled Interiors! You know, like that feeling you get when you stumble across something beyond incredible online or in a magazine!



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