Coventry College FE magazine: Edition 1

Coventry College FE Magazine: Edition 1

Coventry College Further Education magazine – Edition 1

At the heart of the 16-18 recruitment campaign for Coventry College was a Further Education magazine.

We proposed a magazine format rather than a traditional prospectus to express that Coventry think differently to other FE providers – the FE magazine would stand out in a sea of prospectuses and make a strong first impression.

A bold, colourful and fun design, with stylised, full page images and creative typography achieved the editorial-style reading experience we wanted to create. Whilst the magazine still contained information on subject areas and courses on offer, this was mixed with content around life at Coventry College and extra-curricular activities, written in an article style.


The College’s commercial arms, including a restaurant, salon and fitness centre were featured as ads, as were other study programmes such as Higher Education, to maximise cross sales potential. A Careers Guide section in the centre of the magazine helped break up the subject/course listings and allowed readers to browse and filter potential study routes by the careers that interested them.

Our other thought process behind the suggestion of an FE magazine was that it also offered a natural keep warm opportunity in the form of edition 2 – which was distributed once a learner had been offered a place at the College, and had much more of a focus on life as a student – creating a joined up experience for the target audience.




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