N E W W O R K – Photographing zebras for Africa Roofing

N E W W O R K – Photographing zebras for Africa Roofing

Part of our offering here at ellodave is standout photography, which can be used throughout your marketing campaigns and collateral – if there’s one thing we would advise investing in as a business, it’s high quality imagery! Our photography team were lucky enough to head over to Peak Wildlife Park in the beautiful Peak District, to shoot products supplied by our client, Africa Roofing UK.


Peak Wildlife’s group of three maneless zebras are one of only two collections in the entirety of the UK, so we were excited to find out that the bespoke thatched canopy Africa Roofing had supplied formed part of the zebra enclosure. The parasol provides cover for fillies Zara and Kayla, and the newest arrival, male Horus. It’s situated on a hard floor area which allows for the zebras’ hooves to be checked.

We met the zoo’s General Manager, James Butler, and Animal Keeper Amy Johnson, who were on hand during the shoot and answered all of our zebra-related questions – did you know that each zebras stripes are as unique as our fingerprints are to us?!


Showing their products in use, the images we shot will be used throughout Africa Roofing’s marketing activity, from their website to email campaigns. If you’re in need of creative imagery to accompany a marketing campaign, stylish shots to showcase a new product or lifestyle photography to enhance a brochure, we can help! We’ll plan the shoot, find locations and source props, resulting in beautifully styled, high quality, professional images. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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