N E W W O R K – Time4Sport UK visual identity

N E W W O R K – Time4Sport UK visual identity

ellodave have recently started working with Time4Sport UK, one of the city’s leading sports and healthy lifestyle providers, to create a new visual identity for their kids’ holiday camp service.

Time4Sport UK offer several services relating to sports and healthy lifestyle, so their brand has to appeal to a range of audiences – health professionals, education staff, parents/carers and children, to name just a few. They wanted to introduce a new visual identity for the kids’ services they provide, which would sit alongside the existing Time4Sport brand. The new identity needed to have a more youthful and fun aesthetic, and to engage both children and their parents to Time4Sport’s holiday camps.


Existing Time4Sport UK website...

...and after kids sub-brand was introduced

We introduced a “kids’ camps” logotype, to be used across all associated communications – alongside the main Time4Sport UK logo – so as to clearly differentiate them from collateral related to other services. A new palette of colours added vibrancy and distinction, but retaining the Time4Sport brand red provided a link back to the existing, established brand. Certain elements of the logotype are highlighted in an accent colour, and these can be changed and alternated, adding a sense of fun and dynamism to the sub-brand.

New photography was undertaken at two of the holiday club venues, forming a key part of the new visual identity, alongside handdrawn, child-like shapes and doodles. Finally, icons to showcase the wide range of activities that a Time4Sport holiday camp offers were designed, as both an informative and visually appealing tool.

The new visual identity has been employed across both print and digital platforms. Whilst the kids’ camp identity needed to be more prominent on the website – particularly in the run-up to the school summer holidays – we didn’t want to overwhelm the entire existing website and Time4Sport brand. By introducing a banner slider on the website homepage, we were able to ensure that the kids’ camps brand was clear and bold but only in the appropriate places, not detracting from the other services Time4Sport offer. The banners also provided an extra form of navigation for website users looking for the holiday camps pages.

Flexible and versatile, the plan is to bring Time4Sport’s after-school clubs under the new “kids'” visual identity too, and gradually develop the sub-brand further. We look forward to working with Time4Sport going forward!

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