N E W W O R K – direct mail marketing campaign for Breeze House

N E W W O R K – direct mail marketing campaign for Breeze House

Last month saw the launch of Winter Promotions 2017 – a direct mail marketing campaign we design and print annually for our client, Breeze House.

The campaign consists of a printed brochure which is posted out to existing Breeze House owners, offering discounted prices on the range of furnishings and accessories available for the luxury garden buildings.

Historically, customers needed to contact Breeze House by phone or email to take advantage of the exclusive offers. However, last year we developed the Breeze House Owners Club; an online members area of the website where Breeze House customers can purchase the promoted products online, as well as access practical and lifestyle content on a range of topics, from building care and maintenance to styling ideas and recipes. The ability to shop online created a much smoother and more convenient customer experience, with options to browse a wider range of products than had previously been offered in the brochure.


The Winter Promotions brochure directed customers to the new online Owners Club, increasing brand engagement and customer loyalty, as well as the all-important cross-sales that the direct mail marketing campaign was intended for. Registering for the Owners Club also enabled us to capture email addresses for future marketing communications and instantly measure the success and engagement of the direct mail marketing campaign. The print and digital elements of the campaign worked hand-in-hand, and were also supported by eshots and social media activity to remind and encourage customers to utilise the online Owners Club.


If you feel an exclusive members club and promotions – whether online or print-based – could work for your business, and would like to discuss the possibilities further, please get in touch. Alternatively, if you’d like to introduce or refresh a direct mail marketing campaign, we’d love to hear from you!

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