N E W W O R K – a fresh prospectus for SUAC

N E W W O R K – a fresh prospectus for SUAC

ellodave recently designed a fresh, new Further Education prospectus for Stratford-upon-Avon College, ready to wow this years school-leavers.

The College were keen to stick with the brand colour palette we put in place back when we started working with them in 2014, but wanted the prospectus design bringing up-to-date with a bold, new look.

Strong, full-caps statements were combined with a handwritten typeface and styling elements to create a fun, youthful aesthetic. Ombres and gradients gave the prospectus a new look – particularly when layered over bright, vibrant images – completely changing how the colours work together, and worlds away from the solid block colours featured in the previous prospectus.


As with all prospectuses, the content was quite text-heavy, particularly on the course pages, so in these sections, we retained as much white space as possible. We also included image-led breather pages throughout the prospectus design to break up the content at a number of intervals.

ellodave have a HUGE amount of experience in education marketing – including prospectus design, branding and keep-warm campaigns – and we’ve worked with a number of Further and Higher Education providers. Check out the work section of our website for more!

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